The new catalogue from Siskiyou Corp. marks the company’s 40th anniversary since they began designing and manufacturing mechanical hardware to support the rapidly developing photonics market.

The first products were a mirror mount, post, post-holder and base and since then over 2500 products have been designed and are currently manufactured for the laser and biomedical research markets. Products range from highly precise motorized micromanipulators to robust platforms and adapter plates. The mirror mount range alone includes over 30 different designs with variations on each.

The micromanipulator range, targeted at patch-clamp electrophysiology includes manual, hydraulic and motorized micromanipulators with minimum incremental motions down to 0.1µm. A supporting range of base plates, platforms, posts, adjustments screws & drives augment the versatility of the manipulators and stages. Siskiyou products are Modular by Design™, which makes it easy to substitute interchangeable parts or to exchange & add modular parts. This flexibility between the 3 product groups (Photonics Hardware, Laboratory Mechanicals and Life Science Hardware) means that a wide range of parts are available for cross-disciplinary applications.

Unusually for the industry, Siskiyou are a fully vertically integrated company with full design and machining capabilities in-house even to the extent of anodizing thanks to their partnership with the neighbours at Metal Finishers, Inc. Many of the now standard catalogue components originated from conversations with customers and requests for specials and modifications and we’re always open to discussing your OEM requirements.

Please contact us for your printed copy of the new catalogue.