NEW … Microscope Adapter for Optogenetics

The IS-OGP provides a simple, complete solution that adds a laser light source to your microscope for optogenetics research. It positions a small ( 10um typical with 20X objective ) stimulation spot to any location within the field of view. The single-mode FC connectorized fiber optic cable input from your […]

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Compound Contrast & Resolution in the Stereo World

The FBS-10 IND is the new Industrial version of the FBS-10 and is a versatile workhorse that features the Contrast & Resolution of a compound microscope in Stereo operation.

It is a true hybrid of multiple microscopy capabilities including:

The FBS10 IND Condenser and Prism provide optical contrasting techniques that no other […]

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Siskiyou 2013 Catalogue Now Available

The new catalogue from Siskiyou Corp. marks the company’s 40th anniversary since they began designing and manufacturing mechanical hardware to support the rapidly developing photonics market.

The first products were a mirror mount, post, post-holder and base and since then over 2500 products have been designed and are currently manufactured for […]

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