Quad Illuminator

Quad Illuminator

Quad Fluorescence add-on for Stereo Microscopes

The Patented Quad Stereo Fluorescence Illuminator was invented by Kramer to upgrade standard CMO stereo microscopes to full fluorescence functionality with ease.

The Quad is well known throughout the fluorescence community as the best fluorescence adapter to add to your standard stereo system (Zeiss®, Nikon®, Olympus®, and Leica®). The Quad Fluorescence Illuminator holds up to 4 patented 2 dichroic mirror fluorescence cubes that give clear, bright and even fluorescence images. Kramer offers an extensive range of filter cubes made by Chroma® for your fluorescence needs.

Adaptable to most stereo microscopes:

  • Patented 2 dichromatic mirror system
  • Holds up to 4 patented fluorescence cubes
  • Extensive Fluorescence Filter set selection
  • Upgrades an existing stereo microscope for a fraction of the cost of a new fluorescence system
Quad Illuminator Datasheet
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