Compound Fluorescence Microscopes

The power of a compound microscope plus ease of sample preparation of a stereo !

The FBS10 Fluorescence Family of Microscopes is the culmination of compound and stereo technologies, emphasizing the optimal features in both while curtailing the compromises. Designed with C. elegans and Zebrafish researchers in mind, this workhorse system can replace the need for multiple microscope systems in almost any laboratory maximizing research efficiency and minimizing time spent moving, mounting and re-setting your subject for each new set up needed. FBS10 models include one with a DIC feature which interfaces flawlessly with both glass and plastic dishes for more research capabilities.

The FBS10 Family of Microscopes offer a wide variety of benefits and options that make it an ideal addition to any laboratory:

  • High NA objectives combined with optimized light throughput design and negligible glass intereference come together to maximize samples fluorescence illumination to reveal never before seen tags in a Petri Dish environment
  • Optimal imaging for both viewing and photo documentation
  • Long working distance objectives combined with pseudo stereo technology merge for ease of sample picking, sorting, tagging and manipulation.
  • Optional discreet zoom feature allow for a quick flip from .5x to 2x zoom magnification, much like a linear zoom, without the standard light loss associated. When not needed this zoom system can be disengaged and the zoom optics removed from the light past the better augment the light throughput.
  • Kramer’s patented fluorescence illuminator system gives high colour fluorescence in an ergonomic setting. Holding up to 8 fluorescence cubes, this system features self locating cubes that are changed with just a swipe of your finger! We have numerous filter cubes available.
  • The FBS10 Standard system features a reflected light only base.
  • FBS10 LX system contains a user friendly transmitted light base with a sleek LED design taking up very little space in your lab.
  • Kramer’s FBS10 DIC microscope features cross section comparable viewing of your organism in a plastic or glass Petri dish setting.
FBS-10 Datasheet
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