Fluorescence Illuminator for Greenough Stereo Microscopes

Upgrade your Greenough Microscope to Stereo Fluorescence without pricing out an entire new microscope system!

These illuminators provide incredible fluorescence images with high light throughput & brightly colored fluorescence tags. The BiFluor system is adaptable to most Greenough stereo models (Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus) and offers either a CoolLED® light source adapter for single wavelength fluorescence (GFP) or a 3mm Liquid Light Guide Adapter for multi-wavelength fluorescence.

The BiFluor Illuminator System CoolLED® model is primed for GFP fluorescence viewing. The system can hold one
fluorescence filter set while maintaining transmitted light viewing capabilities. The CoolLED® and economical alternative to a metal halide system if only GFP is required while giving you the safety of no UV light output,
quick on/off of the system, little heat transmission from the light source, no compromise of the quality of your GFP tag viewing and a small footprint of lab space needed for the system. (other wavelengths/ colours available upon request).

BiFluor Illuminator Datasheet
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