The IS-OGP provides a simple, complete solution that adds a laser light source to your microscope for optogenetics research. It positions a small ( 10um typical with 20X objective ) stimulation spot to any location within the field of view. The single-mode FC connectorized fiber optic cable input from your light source, combined with the included FLG-FC/2 optics internal to the IS-OGP (patent pending), creates a collimated input to the rear aperture of the microscope objective.

The IS-OGP features:

  • Easy mounting on standard microscopes
  • Simple beam steering mechanism
  • Actuation via manual or motorized adjusters
  • Uses single-mode connectorized light sources
  • Versions available for Olympus, Zeiss and Nikon microscopes
The IS-OGP is a cost efficient means of enabling photoactivation for optogenetics and can also extend the imaging capabilities of your microscope

An article on this application appears in the July 2015 edition of Laser Focus World – “Boosting Conventional Microscopes for Optogenetics

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