Pico 2 Headstage, Amplifier, Digitizer

Pico 2 Headstage, Amplifier, Digitizer
Pico 2 is a feature-rich, low-noise patch clamp amplifier with an integrated digitizer and headstage. Pico 2 is ideally suited for whole cell (Vclamp and Iclamp) and single-channel (patch, planar lipid bilayer and synthetic nanopore) recording, as well as cellular electrochemistry.

Clean Head Switching™ technology allows software controlled switching between voltage clamp and current clamp, or between multiple feedback resistors, without introducing any artefacts. This enables one Pico 2 to support a wide range of applications including Whole Cell, Single Channel, Multi-Cell, Bilayers, Electrochemistry, and Current Clamp.

In voltage clamp mode, the Pico 2 provides 5 feedback gain resistors ranging from 10 MΩ to 10 GΩ. In current clamp mode, the Pico 2 provides 3 range settings from ±2 nA to ±200 nA.

Internal Model Cell allows for self calibration of the experiment setup, as well as, rapid post-experiment amplifier validation.

  • Fully featured 1-channel amplifier
  • USB powered
  • Voltage Clamp and Current Clamp
  • Series resistance compensation
  • Multiple capacitance compensations
  • Very small size
  • Integrated headstage and digitizer
  • Under 1 Watt power consumption
  • Low Noise
  • Adapter plates available to fit Pico 2 to Siskiyou, Sutter & NeoBiosystems micromanipulators


Pico 2 is controlled by a single USB interface to PC and is supplied with Tecella’s proprietary TecellaLab software package.

Also compatible with:

WinWCP from the University of Strathclyde

JClamp by SciSoft Company

Pico 2 Datasheet
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