MED Mobius Software

Mobius MED64 System Software

Highly-sophisticated, user friendly, and hands-on software

The MED64 Mobius is the data acquisition and analysis software for the all MED64 Systems. It is designed to be easy for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users. Mobius is module-based software and comes in various application-specific packages including “Evoked Potential Measurement”, “Spike Sorter”, “QT” as well as combined packages for multi-application users.

It features broad set of analysis tools including spike frequency and waveform analysis. All analyses are performed at all acquisition channels both during acquisition as well as post acquisition. Raw data and analysis results can be exported for analysis with another software.


Examples of Mobius packages and their analysis

Package Parts Number Acquisition Stimulation Waveform analysis Spike extraction Spike frequency analysis Spike Sorting Inter-spike- intervals
EP(Evoked Potential) MED-MS64MR11 o o o x x x x
Spike Sorter MED-NS64MR12 o x x o o o x
Spike Sorter with Stim MED-MS64MR13 o o x o o o x
QT MED-MS64MR21 o x o o o o o
QT with Stim MED-MS64MR22 o o o o o o o
Mobius Pro MED-MS64MR14 o o o o o o x
Mobius Extended MED-MS64MR02 o o o o o o o