The FBS-10 IND is the new Industrial version of the FBS-10 and is a versatile workhorse that features the Contrast & Resolution of a compound microscope in Stereo operation.

It is a true hybrid of multiple microscopy capabilities including:

  • High Resolution of Transmitted and Reflected Light Bright field imaging
  • Transmitted & Reflected Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • Reflected Light Darkfield Illumination
  • Diffuse and Specular Oblique Illumination
  • Video-Enhanced Contrasting (VEC)
  • Epi-Fluorescence
  • Minimal specimen preparation or alteration for viewing
  • 10x—1000x range
  • Wide Fields
  • Long working Distance Plan Apochromatic Objectives featuring High Numerical Apertures for High Light Throughput
  • Upright and Unreversed Binocular Viewing & Digital Imaging
The FBS10 IND Condenser and Prism provide optical contrasting techniques that no other stereo microscopy system can offer.

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