Automated Focus for Stereos


The EE EF & AZ additions to the InSight package can also be used to control the focus on microscopes.

For compound microscopes with a fine focus knob the system consists basically of a focus motor, a motor controller and the software that controls it. The focus motor has a universal attachment, that makes it fit most microscopes and replaces the fine focus knob.

The motor controller connects to the PC via USB and has an external DC power supply.

For stereo microscopes the system consists of a base with a motorized track stand, to which most stereo microscope heads can be attached. A DeltaPix camera also has to be attached to the microscope, and then everything is connected to the computer through USB only.

Once hardware & software are installed the focus can be driven using up/down arrows in the InSight software, via the mouse wheel or, when using a Prior system, a dial on the controller.

Capturing images with extended focus and extended exposure is easy with this system: find the focus of the top and
bottom of the object under observation and mark these two points in the software.

Select the number of slices in between these points, and press the capture button. Images are then automatically captured at different focus points, and afterwards combined to an image where all areas of the object are
in focus.

If it is not possible to achieve correct exposure in all areas of the object under observation, due to reflections
or very dark or shiny parts, the software can also deal with that. By capturing images at different exposure
levels, the software automatically combines these images to form one image with perfect exposure level in
all areas.

  • Easy attachment to most compound & inverted microscopes of any brand with fine focus knob.
  • Automation of stereo microscopes by driving the track stand.
  • Focus of the microscope can be controlled directly from the computer.
  • Connects to USB. No need to add extra boards inside the computer
  • Captures stunningly ultra high quality images with extended focus and extended exposure with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Includes all necessary components to start automatic capture of extended focus and extended exposure images (excluding camera and microscope).
  • Automation kit can be combined with all types of DeltaPix cameras.
Motorized Stereo Microscope Focus Datasheet
Motorized Fine Focus Drive Datasheet
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