Digital Motorized Microscope System

XYZ motorized Material microscope for routine and automatic stitching (mosaic) applications.

The PS1-XYZ system is designed for applications where there is a need for very large images with microscopic details, or repeated capture of images in memorized positions.

In many applications capturing a single image of a material sample is not enough. In order to follow larger structures, cracks or similar, or to have everything in focus at the same time, it can be necessary to capture several images and combine them together, to get an overview, and to see the microstructures at the same time. The PS1-
XYZ system can do this easily in a superior quality.

By controlling the motors from the software the position of the sample is moved to one of the corners of the area of interest, the position is saved, and then the position of the sample is moved to the opposite corner and saved. The system then automatically calculates how many images are needed to cover the full area of interest at the
given magnification, captures all images, and stitches them together with extreme precision, without any kind of artefacts and maintaining the calibration values for measurements.

This can be combined with extended focus and extended exposure in all positions.

In many applications it is necessary to capture many images in the same position of the same type of samples, a position table with all capture settings, can be saved for each type of sample. When loaded into the software, the system moves to each of the positions in the saved table, and captures an image (can be with extended focus and
extended exposure) and saves the image in a predefined library position. In this way hundreds of samples can be captured in predefined positions in a few seconds.

This technique has also been applied to biological samples on a microscope where the locations of cells in a Petri dish were stored and images of each growing cell taken every few hours to enable time lapse movies of the cell growth to be recorded over a few days.


Motorized XY and Z stages. Travel range, precision and speed can be individually specified, dependent on the application.

  • Ideal for quality control and research in material analysis
  • Extremely simple and intuitive to set-up and use
  • Available with different illumination options, ring light, coax light or back light.
  • Automatic stitching (“mosaic”, “panorama”)
  • Automatic extended focus and exposure can be combined with automatic stitching
  • Positions can be transferred to Electron microscopes or similar type of nano microscopes
  • 3D topography and profile measurements
Motorized Microscope Datasheet
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