Motorized Macro Stand

Motorized Macro Stand
A stepper motor drive is easily added to a macro stand to automate travel in the Z or focus axis.

By adding the EEEF (extended focus and exposure) and AZ (motorized focus) modules to the InSight software a versatile measurement system can be constructed.

  • Magnification ranges from 0.1x to 10000x possible
  • Extended Focus and Exposure can be run together for creation of stunning images of 3D objects such as insects, mineral samples, electronic circuit boards etc
  • Stands, optics, illumination and camera choice can be chosen to meet your requirements
  • Extended focus imaging can be done repeatably with a motorized macro stand – ideal for inspection

The cost of the motorised macro stand plus camera is extremely competitive compared to other systems with similar specifications and capabilities. This is achieved by the use of high quality standard components which in combination with a high resolution DeltaPix camera and the InSight software package gives an unmatched price / performance ratio.

Motorized Macro Stand Datasheet
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