Modus X-32

As an alternative to traditional microscopes and profile projectors, DeltaPix offers a number of integrated digital microscopes and macro systems, providing all necessary features for high precision measurements, image capture, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial, scientific and biomedical applications. The systems and their many useful features are designed to enable the user to capture high precision images of all kinds of specimen like insects, bugs, plants, stones, crystals, meteorites, minerals and much more with an astonishing level of detail.

The Modus X-32 system is a flexible combination of the Infinity X-32 Systems can be supplied with the optics calibrated and ready to start measurements straight away.

  • Magnification from 1 to 5000 times depending on which objective is used and the size of the monitor.
  • Resolves details down to 0,4 µm.
  • Motorized versions for automatic capture with extended depth of focus
  • High precision measurements on images captured with infinite depth of focus using a telecentric lens.
  • Automatic generating of reports in MS Excel. Export as PDF.
  • Field of View (in mm): From 100 µm to infinity (depending on the objective).
  • Working Distance: 10 mm to 30 cm (depending on the objective).
  • Available for cameras with a resolution from 1,3 Mpixel up to 32 Mpixel
  • Available in different sizes and with different objectives and motorized board – can be custom-designed to meet individual needs
  • Available with integrated motorized XY table to enable scanning of large objects with microscopic details and precise automatic positioning for repeated measurements and image capture.
  • Upload of all camera settings from image to camera
Modus X-32 Datasheet
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