Microscope to Camera Couplers

Microscope to Camera Couplers

When connecting a camera to the trinocular port of a microscope a coupler is required to match the Field of View seen by the camera sensor to that seen through the eyepieces. A coupler also ensures that the eyepiece image and camera image are both in focus at the same time (parfocality). The following models are compatible with a variety of camera mounts (including the C-mount used on DeltaPix cameras) and can be specified to interface with most microscopes from the major manufacturers.

Optem® Direct Video Couplers are the economical solution to general purpose video microscopy when ease of use and ergonomics matter.

Engineered for maximum image-quality and light transmission, the Direct Coupler’s compact, low-profile design positions your video camera at the intermediate image plane of your microscope, providing a shorter, more stable optical platform.

With magnification factors from 0.38X to 1.0X, achieving larger fields-of-view and fully leveraging the capabilities of your equipment on monitor has never been easier. Select from a wide variety of mount-types to accommodate a broader spectrum of cameras.

Optem® Standard Couplers set the benchmark for versatility and image clarity. Featuring a unique two-piece design, our Standard Couplers consist of an optical camera coupler and a bottom clamp which fits into your microscope photoport or phototube.

This modularity affords greater flexibility for a wider range of both older and newer microscopes. To further flexibility, a single optical camera coupler can fit into any bottom clamp, affording you the economy to easily share a common camera across a variety of microscopes with only the cost of multiple bottom clamps.

Optem Standard Couplers contain an image plane within the optical coupler which allows you to project a 21mm reticle onto your monitor. A lockable focus set screw allows you to more easily establish and maintain parfocality on your video monitor.

Direct Couplers Datasheet
Standard Couplers Datasheet
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