Active Vibration Isolation for High-End Audio Components

Audiophiles are continually looking at ways to achieve an absolutely authentic rendition of their music. The Silencer takes you one gigantic step closer to this goal. The disturbing influence of vibration has its origins in buildings, in people moving through the room and also in airborne sound input from the loudspeakers. All these sources of disturbance lead to a distorted playback of audio signals.

The Silencer’s active damping system suppresses these disturbances masterfully, delivering spectacular results that are simply not available with passive vibration isolation systems. The Silencer focuses on high grade, analogue turntables, CD-players, power amplifiers as well as other audio components sensitive to vibration.

High-Tech for Ultimate Listening Pleasure

The Silencer`s puristic design shows clear understatement, the sophisticated metal surface is only interrupted by one single switch on the front panel. LEDs point to its inner activities: ultra-fast control engineering absorbs vibration amplitudes in the micron-area. In recent years, this technology has become an essential part in modern, nanotechnological applications.

Accurion’s Silencers contain sensors and actuators that are joined mechanically to each other. Vibrations occurring on the upper plate are measured and processed in a fast, analogue control loop. An amplifier controlling electrodynamic actuators creates correction forces that compensate for the incoming vibration. This leads to short response- and settling times as well as maximized vibration isolation! Thus, it is able to provide a sound experience never achieved before!

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