Fluorescence Light Source

Fluorescence Light Source
The Lumen 200 from Prior Scientific is an advanced metal halide source for fluorescence microscopy and an ideal partner to our Kramer Scientific microscopes.

The metal halide lamp produces a spectral output that closely mirrors traditional mercury (HBO) style lamphouses with intensity peaks that have a larger bandwidth leading to improved excitation. Each lamp is good for up to 2000 hours, compared to a maximum of 300 hours with a typical HBO system.

Illumination is delivered to the microscope via a 3mm liquid light guide which allows the main source of heat to be placed away from the microscope and sample. This light guide also has the effect of homogenizing the illumination so bulb alignment is less critical.

Key features include:

  • 2,000 hour life, 200 Watt metal arc lamp
  • Remote mounting with two or three meter light guide
  • Stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination
  • Quiet operation suitable for laboratory use
  • Easy to view display screen for bulb life indication and alarm description
  • Knurled light guide clamping knob for secure light guide installation
  • Adapters available for all modern research microscopes
  • Six position adjustable aperture/intensity knob to protect samples from photobleaching
  • Easy bulb replacement
Lumen 200 Datasheet
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