MED64 Quad System H.T.S

MED64 Quad SystemH.T.S

High Throughput Screening

For H.T.S the MED64 can be used as 4 x 16 channel arrays using standard probes & Connectors interfaced to the main system amplifier via the MED 4Runner

  • Signals are acquired from 4 MED Probes simultaneously (16 channels per Probe). Stimulation is applied through. 2 channels per sample sequentially.
  • Stimulus electrodes can be selected for each MED Probe.
  • On-line analysis with Mobius software.
  • Simple low-cost upgrade from a standard MED64 System.
  • Ideal solution for high-throughput drug testing with acute tissue slices, and QT screening with iPS/ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
MED64 – Quad System
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