Infinity X-32

Infinity X-32
The Infinity X-32TM is designed to satisfy the unique and varied demands of digital microscopy.

It offers exceptionally fast streaming video at an incredibly high resolution on the computer monitor as well
as outstanding resolutions on still images.

The impressive performance and revolutionary resolution of the Infinity X-32 is achieved by combining state-of-the-art sensor design with innovative engineering skills.

A ground-breaking resolution of up to 32 million pixels in precise colour puts the Infinity X-32 in a class by its own. By
integrating DeltaVu™, a highly successful patented technology invented by DeltaPix, these incredible resolutions are

DeltaVu™ is a revolutionary technology designed to dramatically increase the image resolution of a digital camera. The Infinity X-32 has a 2 million pixel CCD sensor with Red, Green and Blue colour filters placed in standard Bayer pattern.

Through a process of combining precise position information of the sensor and capturing additional images by shifting
the sensor only fractions of the length of a pixel, the DeltaVu™ technology allows calculation of details finer than the size of a pixel.

  • Streaming live video on computer monitor through the high-speed USB 2.0 bus at 480 Mbits/s
  • Fast streaming colour video images in high resolution with 30 fps at 640 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Selectable video resolution in 4 steps from 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Perfect image and colour quality with the finest detail
  • Resolution up to the extreme of 32 million pixels in precise colour
  • Selectable resolution between 2 and 8, 16 and 32 million pixels in DeltaVu™ colour
  • Automatic and manual exposure and sensitivity control
  • Superior anti-blooming (overexposure) behaviour
  • Easy and flexible daily use with dynamic insertion and removal of the camera to PC and notebook through a single, standard USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  • Small compact microscopy camera with optical C-mount for easy attachment to a microscope
  • Tripod receptable for mounting on stands for macro photography
  • Silent operation without noisy fan due to very low power consumption
  • Intuitive user interface with powerful and easy-to-use image capture and processing functions
  • Fraction of the size & cost of a camera with a native 32 Mpix sensor
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