About Us

Stratton Technologies was founded over 10 years ago to offer a quality distribution channel in the UK & Ireland serving academic and industrial customers.

The majority of our principal suppliers have been with us since our early days.

Our product lines have been chosen to be complementary and in many cases we’re able to provide packaged systems combining several different product lines.

With over 27 years technical experience in-house we have a lot more to offer than simply supplying equipment, for example:

  • Designed, supplied & installed imaging systems for historical document archiving for an academic customer in Ireland. This project included training the staff & MA students in the operation of the system and basic imaging.
  • Worked closely with the structural engineering team at the London 2012 Olympics to provide an Active Vibration Isolation system to stabilize the photo-finish cameras in the main stadium. Onsite support of system for Olympics & Paralympics including vibration analysis and sound level measurements.
  • Supplied and installed a multielectrode array electrophysiology system plus conventional patch-clamp hardware for a UK medical research customer. This involved designing some custom parts to enable the hardware to be fitted inside the microscope incubator with access only through the front ports.

We also work closely with external consultants to provide engineering functions such as:

Optical & optomechanical design

Electronic instrumentation (analogue, digital and software)